Who is the program designed for?

Psychletherapy™ is ideal for those who:

  • want an alternative or addition to their current treatment
  • exhibit decreased clinical symptoms, yet remain seemingly unable to achieve desired outcomes through traditional psychotherapy

Psychletherapy,™ as an effective, alternative medium to traditional psychotherapy, is supported by extensive research in the fields of psychiatry, neurobiology and psychology. Studies have shown that exercise increases serotonin and other neurotransmitters involved in mood.
More recent findings have revealed that exercise can anatomically change the brain through the production of a powerful protein known as BDNF (Brain- Derived Neurotrophic Factor).

BDNF has proven effective in decreasing depression and anxiety by:

  • protecting neurons from cell shrinkage and death associated with stress
  • proliferating new neural growth, and
  • improving the clinical response to antidepressant medication treatment through production of new neural transportershrough Psychletherapy,™

Through Psychletherapy™, participants can stop replaying old messages and more quickly and effectively incorporate newer, healthier ones.