Was Group What You Expected?

No. I expected it to be a large group of people in a circle complaining about their problems; not really listening to each other. What I found was a place I could voice concerns about my life where people actually remember what I say and care. No one judges you if you have depression or anxiety.

Is Group Hard?

Sometimes it’s hard because sometimes you feel pressured to talk when you don’t want to, or to talk about things you don’t want to, but no one judges you or your life and it is all for the best. It is the only way to make progress. We all need people to challenge us to make us better. Sometimes there is conflict but most of the time we get through it and even if we have to come back to it next week, we always resolve it and we don’t have to hurt each other’s feelings.

Is Group Fun?

Yes. The jokes we make are hilarious. We get off topic and make jokes or even when being serious we find humor in knowing each other so well. And we have the most awesome mascot: Smeckles

Is 6 Months a Long Time to Commit to Group?

No. I have been in group for 3 years now and can’t even imagine what it was like before group. I still have a lot to learn and grow.

~ Cameron Age 20, 4:30 Young Adult Group

Nancy, Cameron and Tony